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Black Angus Filet Mignon Tenderloin Steak 200g

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Weight: 200g

Product Description: Also called “Tenderloin Filet” and “Tenderloin Steak”, the Black Angus Fillet Steak is among the most tender beef cuts that will melt in your mouth. Its juicy, soft texture, compact shape, and subtle flavor make it a great choice for various recipes. You can either grill it, stir fry and saute, or go for Sous Vide. The superior quality meat is obtained by grass-feeding the cattle and keeping them in natural captivity. You can cook the steak in recipes like Grilled Steaks with Korean Gochujang Butter, Filet Mignon with Couscous Salad, and Pan Roasted Filet with Red Wine Reduction Sauce.

Ingredients: Black Angus Meat