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By Frenzel

Frozen Frenzel Blackberry 750g

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Expiration Date: 2024-11-24

Weight: 750g

Product Description: Packed with vitamin C, high in fiber, manganese, and Vitamin K, you cannot ignore the wonderfulness of these soft and juicy frozen blackberries. Easily available, this box full of fresh blackberries can be a nice summer delight. They have sweet, a bit tart, and earthy undertones, you’ll love to add in at least one meal of the day. If added to any baked recipes, these berries can add a delectable taste and aroma to them. You can make cakes, icecreams, pies, or salads. Also, if blended with coconut milk and honey, and frozen overnight, you can make a delightful dessert for a special day.

Ingredients: Blackberries