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By Lebanese Dairy Co.

Chtoora Labneh Ball with Chilli & Oil 250g

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Weight : 250g

Product Description: If you feel your food is tasteless and needs some spice, this phenomenal ingredient is just for you. These Chatoora Labneh Balls with Chilli and Oil are a treat for spice lovers. The exotic and hot aroma of this product will make your taste sensors go mad about your favourite food and will always crave for more once you taste it. Make your meat and bread recipes tastier and spicier with these Labneh Balls and let your love for spices never die.

Ingredients: Pasteurized Reconstitute Full Cream Cow's Milk, Labneh Starter Culture, Salt 0.6%, Chilly Preservative E202, Fat 12% minimum, and S.N.F 23% minimum.