Cold Pressed Beetroot pomegranate 250ml

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Cold Pressed Beetroot pomegranate 250ml

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Expiration Date: 2023-01-02

Weight: 250ml

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Why cold-pressed? Regular juices, even if gently pasteurized, are cooked to 74 degrees centigrade to kill any bacteria – but the process also reduces the nutritional value. Instead, the process of cold-pressing simply inactivates the bacteria for four to five days, keeping all the vitamins and minerals intact. Did you know that it is a proven Fact that drinking Beetroot pomegranate juice can keep you Active!


27.5%carrot juice,22.5% beetroot juice,18.5% banana, 17.5% apple juice ,6% pear juice ,3% parsnip puree, 2% lemon juice , 2% pomegranate juice, 1% spinach juice.