Badia Gluten-Free Nonpareils

By Badia

Badia Gluten-Free Nonpareils

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1 Piece: 680.38gm

Product Description: Decorate your cakes, muffins, candies, and cupcakes with these tiny and colourful nonpareils. Made from sugar, corn starch, confectioner's glaze and other ingredients, these cute little sweet dots are perfect to add a beautiful colour and texture to your desserts. This decorative confectionery for desserts adds flavour and can act as an aromatic attraction to kids as well as adults. Believe it or not, nothing can beat the way these small sugar beads can enhance the taste of your desserts.

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Starch, Confectioner's Glaze, Yellow 5, Carnauba Wax, Red 3, blue 1, red 40, yellow 6