Good!es Nut Bar Almond-Coconut 40g

By Goodies

Good!es Nut Bar Almond-Coconut 40g

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Expiration Date: 2022-09-14

Weight: 40g

Product Description: Goodies Nut Bar Almond Coconut is a great snack at any time of the day. Goodies products are made in their own factories with the best and most modern equipment. Professional technologists develop and control the quality of all production processes.

Ingredients: Maltose starch syrup, dried coconut pulp(coconut flakes), roasted almonds, water-holding agent, glycerin, honey, drinking water, puffed rice(rice groats, wheat flour, sugar, salt), cocoa butter, salt, natural flavoring vanilla creamy, emulsifier soy lecithin, sea salt, acidity regulator- citric acid.