Meadows Apple Turmeric Porridge 60g

By Meadows

Meadows Apple Turmeric Porridge 60g

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Weight: 60g

Product Description: Start your day right with this nourishing and healthy porridge that is flavored with apple and turmeric. This perfect breakfast meal for a cold morning fills you up with energy and keeps you fuller for longer. Made with anti-inflammatory turmeric, and apple, this warm and delicious porridge is super healthy and full of taste. It is packed with fiber and the goodness of other wholesome nutrients, which makes it a perfect meal for people of all ages. Just open the box and you’ve got a breakfast – or lunch – of champions!

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oat Flakes*, Raisins*, Sunflower Seeds*, Coconut Sugar*, Freeze-Dried Banana Powder*, Freeze Dried Apple Powder*, Almonds*, Desiccated Coconut*, Rice Milk Powder*, Dried Apples*, Dried Bananas*, Turmeric*, and Cinnamon*.