Nutella Biscuits 304g

By Ferrero

Nutella Biscuits 304g

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Weight: 304g

Product Description: Nutella biscuits are circular biscuits with a Nutella filling inside. They are very similar in appearance to sandwich biscuits, although they are not "sandwiches" per se. They appear like such, but they are not made up of a pair of biscuits with a cream filling in-between.

Ingredients: Hazelnut And Cocoa Spread 40% (Sugar, Palm Oil, Nuts 13%, Skimmed Milk Powder 8.7%, Lean Cocoa 7.4%, Emulsifiers: Lecithin's [soya], Vanillin), Flour 32% Wheat, Vegetable Fats (Palm, Palm Kernel), Cane Sugar 9%, Lactose, Ble Bran, Milk Powder, Barley Malt And Corn Extract, Honey, Baking Powders (Disodium).