Organic Brownie Mix

By Bett'r

Organic Brownie Mix

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Weight: 400g

Description: Begin your day with a fresh, healthy breakfast of pancakes prepared in a flavour loved by everyone. The organic brownie mix is a quick and hassle-free option to prepare a sweet, chocolaty dessert that is as healthy as it is scrumptious. Simply add some milk and butter to the mix, cook until ready, top it with some chocolate syrup and dry fruits, and enjoy the dish. This delectable mix can prepare 15 servings in no time, offers gluten-free ingredients, and tastes like fresh from the oven brownies.

Ingredients: Coconut sugar*, buckwheat flour*, cacao powder* (7%), gluten-free oat flour*, tapioca starch*, flaxseed flour*, baking powder* (corn starch*, acidifier: cream of tartar, raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate), salt. *organic