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LU Pelletier Brioche Toast 150g

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Expiration Date: 2024-02-29

1 Piece = 150g

Product Description: You must have heard about the French toast many times but have you ever come across a Brioche toast? This kind of toast makes use of ingredients similar to those found in regular bread, like yeast, flour, butter, and eggs. This one is made of wheat flour, which further makes your snack healthy and perfect to have for a delicious breakfast. These tender and soft toasts can be eaten with your favourite jam or dip that will definitely enhance their taste.Β 

Ingredients: Wheat flour 86%, glucose-fructose syrup, yeast, pastry butter 6.9%, salt, powdered eggs 0.5% (equivalent to eggs 2%), emulsifiers (E471, E481), processing flour ( ascorbic acid).