Perutnina Chicken Cordon Bleu 500g

By Perutnina

Perutnina Chicken Cordon Bleu 500g

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Expiration Date: 2023-02-24

Weight: 500g

Product Description: Cordon blue is a world-famous dish of French cuisine prepared with chicken meat. Chicken Cordon bleu with ham and cheese is a rich steak that you can pamper yourself with during the week or at a festive lunch. Since it is already heat-treated, it is prepared quickly and easily in a frying pan, fryer or oven.

Preparation Hint:Β Too much oil is not healthy, but do not wash off excess oil with paper towels, as this will start to soften the crust. Instead of towels, place the roasted meat on a wire rack or in a metal grid and place a tray under it to catch the oil.