From UAE Meat 5 Shish Tawook Skewers - Marinated in Tomato & Paprika

From UAE

5 Marinated Chicken Skewers in Tomato & Paprika

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Weight: 500g x 5Pcs 

Product Description: These skewers are packed with juicy, meaty chicken cubes, seasoned, and ready to hit the flames. Simply throw on a hot grill or broiler, and rotate the skewers for even cooking. Make your kabobs a meal with a pilaf or vegetable side. Finished skewers are also delicious dipped in a mustard sauce or fruit salsa.

Benefits: as with other chicken-based dishes, shish taouk (tawook) is high in protein. Each 100-gram serving of the food provides 14 grams of protein. Eating protein provides your body with amino acids, structural components of tissues such as muscle.