Aranciata Rossa Juice (Pack of 6)

By San Pellegrino

Aranciata Rossa Juice (Pack of 6)

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1 Case= 330ml (Pack of 6)

Product Description: The powerhouse of vitamin C and A and a splash of great flavours, this Rossa orange juice is something you’ll want to have to keep yourself hydrated and refreshed. An amazing blend of oranges and blood oranges, both the types have their benefits and offers a distinctive taste to it. Other ingredients such as sugar and natural flavourings make this drink your favourite partner with snacks or while on the go.

Ingredients: Water, Orange Juice from Concentrate (13%), Sugar, Blood Orange Juice from Concentrate (3%), Carbon Dioxide, Natural Orange Flavoring with other Natural Flavorings, Colors: (Anthocyanin, Paprika Extract) and Acid: Citric Acid.