Baked Assortment of Mini Gourmandise

By QualityFood

Baked Assortment of Mini Gourmandise

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1 Pack = 8 Pcs (30g X 8)

Product Description: Treat yourself with some sinful sweetness with this Assortment of Mini Gourmandise containing Choco Twist, Mini Custard, Mini Cinnamon Roll, and Mini Strawberry Twist. Serve them at an English style tea ceremony or let the kids grab a bite whenever they get a craving. Each of this French dessert is authentically made using the best quality ingredients to bring you the real taste. These indulgent Viennese pastries in mini sizes will multiply the enjoyment and moments of consumption.

Includes :Β 

(Choco Twist -Mini Custard-Mini Cinnamon Roll-Mini Cranberry Twist)