Be Plus Pouch Red Fruits

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Be Plus Pouch Red Fruits

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Product Description: This pack of Be Plus Pouch Red Fruits is a delicious drink that is suitable for the babies above 4 months of age. Made with organic red fruits like berries, apples, strawberry, and raspberry, this juice is a natural source of vital nutrients and Vitamin C. This refreshing drink has a mouth-watering taste that your kid will surely love. Made with 100% organic ingredients, this red fruit juice has antioxidants that give them a great source of energy.

Ingredients: Apples Puree*, Pear Puree*, Berries* In Varying Proportions (12%) (Strawberry Puree*, Concentrated Cherry Juice*, Concentrated Strawberry Juice*, Concentrated Currant Juice* and Concentrated Raspberry Juice*), Water Concentrated Apple Juice*, Acid: Citric Acid and Flavourings. *Organic.