Alpro Bio Coconut 1L

By Alpro

Alpro Bio Coconut 1L

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Weight: 1L

Product Description: The bio coconut drink lets the great flavor of the coconut shine in this smooth and creamy beverage, making it an ideal refreshing drink you need with your mid-day snacks. Available in handy and easy-to-open packaging, you can savor the goodness and nutritional benefits of its ingredients anytime and anywhere. This amazing flavourful drink adds coconut milk, coconut cream, rice, and sea salt, all added in a perfect amount to give a satisfying feeling in every sip. Also, since it is naturally lactose-free, thus, is easy for you to digest.

Ingredients: Drinking Water, Coconut Milk (5.3%) (Coconut Cream), RiceΒ  (3.2%), Natural Flavorings, Sea Salt