Gluten Free Biotwins Dark With Vanilla Cream 125g

By Sottolestelle

Gluten Free Biotwins Dark With Vanilla Cream 125g

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Weight: 125g

Product Description: Try not to involve in unhealthy snacking, instead go for these delicious biscuits filled with vanilla cream. These biscuits are made with rice flour, corn starch, and other amazing ingredients that come with various nutritive benefits. The natural vanilla flavoring added to these biscuits adds a pleasant essence and a great taste to these delicacies. Also, they contain only vegetable ingredients that are not harmful to the body.

Ingredients: Rice flour *, brown sugar *, corn starch *, coconut oil *, potato starch *, corn flour *, sunflower oil *, cocoa powder *, glucose syrup *, raising agents: tartrates of potassium, sodium carbonates; natural vanilla flavoring * 0.3%, thickener: xanthan gum; sea ​​salt, emulsifier: sunflower lecithins *

Product Specifications

Description: Darch biscuits filled with vanilla cream crunchy and creamy that makes a wonderful choice with your evening cup of coffee.