Black Angus Beef Cowboy Steak

From Australia

Black Angus Beef Cowboy Steak

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1 Piece = 1Kg Approx

Product Description: Also known as “Bone-in Ribeye”, “Rib Steak Bone-in”, and “Tomahawk Steak”, the Cowboy Steak is a rich, juicy and exceptionally flavourful piece of meat cut from the rib section of the Black Angus. The cattle are naturally bred utilising the finely tuned genetics. This steak has generous marbling throughout and has a short frenched bone, the tomahawk, and a long frenched bone on it. It is perfect to grill, stir fry, and saute recipes like Grilled Steaks and Brussels Sprouts, Grilled Buffalo-Style Ribeyes with Blue Cheese Butter, and Mediterranean Grilled New York Strip Steak.


Cowboy Steak Beef Meat (Australia)