Blue Dragon Coconut Milk Mini Cans

By Blue Dragon

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Blue Dragon Coconut Milk Mini Cans

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Weight: 165ml

Product Description: This pack of Blue Dragon Coconut Milk contains 100% pure coconut milk made from carefully selected ripe coconuts. It is one of the primary ingredients in the Caribbean, Thai, and Indian cuisines. You can use the milk to add a mild coconut flavour to sweet and savoury recipes. Coconut milk will be brilliant when you want to tone down the heat in a curry-based recipe. Not only does coconut milk acts as a neutralizer, but also brings a creamy and slightly sweet texture to the dish. Use it in soups and various gravies and curries for an enjoyable meal.


Coconut Extract (56%), Water, Stabiliser (E466), Emulsifier (E435), and Antioxidant (Citric Acid).