Bon Food Cheese Rolls 25g

By Bon Food

Bon Food Cheese Rolls 25g

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Weight: 25g

Product Description: The Bon Food Cheese Rolls are among the unusual sweets item that is loved by all for their unique taste. These cheese rolls are loaded with mozzarella that makes them delicious with every bite. With a lovely flavor and freshness of mint, these chess rolls are a complete delight. Made with wheat flour, these cheese rolls are tasty and healthy. You can enjoy them with evening tea or eat them as a dessert. These cheese rolls are healthy as sunflower oil is used in their preparation.

Ingredients:Β 300g Pastry Wrap: Water, Semolina, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Salt Filling: Akkawi Cheese (Microbial Rennet) Feta, Mozzarella, and Mint Contains Wheat Flour Milk