Bon Food Cheese Sambousek 25g

By Bon Food

Bon Food Cheese Sambousek 25g

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Weight: 25g

Product Description: The Bon Food Cheese Sambousek is an instant, frozen snack that can be deep-fried or air-fried as per your convenience. This delicious snack is fully loaded with cheese and mint for a delightful taste. Prepared in soya oil, this pre-fried snack is tasty and healthy. You can enjoy it with evening tea or serve it as a tasty and delicious snack to guests. It is made from natural ingredients and no artificial flavor and additives are added to it.

Ingredients:Β Pastry Wrap: Wheat Flour, Water, Butter, Soya Oil, Eggs, Salt, Yeast Filling: Akkawi Cheese (Microbial Rennet), Halloumi Cheese (Microbial Rennet), Mint. Contains Wheat Flour, Eggs, Milk, and Soya.