Cacao Hazelnut Filled Better Madeleine 55g

By QualityFood

Cacao Hazelnut Filled Better Madeleine 55g

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Weight: 55g (5Pcs)

Product Description: Dense and sweet, these Madeleines have no match. Serve them at a tea party or as a dessert for lunch, they will delight every one of every age group. Hazelnuts and Cocoa are added to the ingredients for a delectable experience. These French cookies/cakes make for a special treat that even kids won’t be able to resist. Store them in a jar for times when your sweet tooth is craving for something sinfully delightful.

Ingredients: Eggs, Sugar, All-Purpose Flour, Cocoa Powder, Baking Powder, Salt, Nutella, Frangelico, Melted Cooled Butter, Mini-Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips, and Powdered Sugar.