Caramel Corn and Rice Crispbreads 90g

By Dr.Korner

Caramel Corn and Rice Crispbreads 90g

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Expiry Date : 2022-12-17

Weight: 90g

Product Description: The Caramel Corn and Rice Crispbreads are gluten-free snacks with a crispy texture and sweet taste. Yellow snap corn brings out the crunchiness to the fullest while the rice makes it even more flavourful. Adding to its taste factor is caramel flavouring for both taste and aroma. This snack is a perfect accompaniment to mid-meal beverages and is great for any time snacking. Simply unpack and enjoy the sweet and salty bites of this healthy delicacy that also contains beetroot juice.

Ingredients: Yellow snap corn for popcorn, corn, rice: polished rice, fructose, natural caramel flavouring, iodised salt, sweetener: sucralose, colouring: carotenes, concentrated beetroot juice.