Vegan Gluten Free Cashew And Cacao Bar

By Love Vegan

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Vegan Gluten Free Cashew And Cacao Bar

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1 Piece = 32.5g

Product Description: Having a bar that too with lots of nutritive nuts and seeds while snacking is just the right way to indulge in healthy snacking. This cashew and cacao bar is a perfect combination that not just satisfies your taste buds but keeps your tummy full. This bar has a blend of chopped dates, sunflower seeds, sultanas, currants, and cacao butter. These ingredients create a smooth as well as an exceptional tasting snacking you can go for all the time.

Ingredients: Chopped Dates (26%) (Dates, Rice Flour), Cashews (19%), Currants (16%), Sunflower Seeds, Sultanas (11%), Cacao Powder (7%), Cacao Butter (4.1%), Vegetable Glycerine.