Chicken Sliced Salami

By Zogi Farm

Chicken Sliced Salami

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1 Piece = 200g

Product Description: Who knew these processed chicken meat called salami can do wonders and make your dishes taste even better. An ultimate option to keep your belly full and take care of your health as well. Made from quality chicken and other healthy ingredients, the salami can be cooked or used in many different ways. Not just a layer between two bread, but can also be used as salad dressing, frittata, pizza toppings, or for your favourite macaroni.

Ingredients: 49% mechanically separated chicken meat, 13% chicken, water, chicken fat, (WHEATFLOUR), acidity regulator: E325, E262; chicken collagen, salt, dextrose, food acid: E575; stabiliser: E450, E452; flavour enhancer: E621; mixed herbs and spices, anti-oxidant: E300, E316; dried vegetables (garlic), preservative: E250.