Coco Deli Crispy Coconut Chips - Cinnamon Orange Coffee

By Vida Foods

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Coco Deli Crispy Coconut Chips - Cinnamon Orange Coffee

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1 Packet = 30g

Coconut Chips flavoured with orange slices, cinnamon and coffee.

Ingredients: crushed coconut pulp (67.8%) white sugar (26.4%) orange peel and pulp (3.2%) ground cinnamon (1.5%) roasted ground coffee (1.1%)
Net Weight: 30gms

Product Specifications

Description: The most spoiled cockodelist.  Because he was born to be glamorous.  Yes - "Cinnamon-orange-coffee" - the most colorful of our combinations! This fragrance will invigorate and invigorate, will become a constant companion on the way to your delicious life. Coconut chips with orange, cinnamon and coffee - a completely self-sufficient natural snack, which we, like nothing else, recommend more often to taste the authentic to enjoy this unique range of sensations to the fullest! Drink unsweetened drinks.

Origin: Ukraine