Coco Deli Crispy Coconut Chips - Classic

By Vida Foods

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Coco Deli Crispy Coconut Chips - Classic

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1 Packet = 30g

Sweet and Classic Coconut Flakes

Ingredients: crushed coconut pulp (86.75%) white sugar (13.25%)
Net Weight: 30gms

Product Specifications

Description: They were sweet!  Classic pleasure - it's like that! And nothing can stop her!  Coconut chips with white sugar. Crunch and me! What do we eat candy for? Under what just do not eat! The answer is correct! That's how it is with these chips - a universe of combinations!  Only this product is completely natural, useful and safe. If you know the measure, of course). They taste good and suit them, for example: lemonade, compote, coffee, ice cream, yogurt, kefir, milk, tea, cocoa.

Origin: Ukraine