Coco Deli Crispy Coconut Chips - Parmesan

By Vida Foods

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Coco Deli Crispy Coconut Chips - Parmesan

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1 Packet = 30g

Salted Coconut Flakes with Parmesan Cheese

Ingredients: crushed coconut pulp (82.7%) table salt (2.3%) hard parmesan cheese (15%)
Net Weight: 30gms

Product Specifications

Description: Parmesan is an Italian hard cheese that contains many free amino acids. They give a taste sensation, which in Eastern culture is called the "fifth taste" (umami). This salty-sweet, rich spicy taste is ideal for gourmet food. Also in the snack format! Coconut chips with Parmesan cheese taste good with soy and fish sauce, grapes, tomatoes, mushrooms. From drinks: wine, champagne, juices, beer.

Origin: Ukraine