Coco Deli Crispy Coconut Chips - Prunes

By Vida Foods

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Coco Deli Crispy Coconut Chips - Prunes

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1 Packet = 30g

Sweet Coconut Flakes with Plums

Ingredients: crushed coconut pulp (67.9%) white sugar (24.6 %) Dried Plums (7.5%)
Net Weight: 30gms

Product Specifications

Description: With sourness. One of the basic flavors.  Coconut chips with this wonderful dried fruit are a super team of health and beauty. The composition of useful vitamins and minerals is outrageous! Who has cardiovascular risks there? You here! This is a very cool independent snack.  And when you want combinations, coconut chips with prunes can be: season muesli, sweet dishes, decorate desserts.

Origin: Ukraine