Coco Deli Crispy Coconut Chips - Vanilla

By Vida Foods

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Coco Deli Crispy Coconut Chips - Vanilla

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1 Packet = 30g

Sweet Coconut Flakes with Vanilla

Ingredients: crushed coconut pulp (68.4%) white sugar (30.9%) natural vanilla extract (0.7%) Net Weight: 30gms

Product Specifications

Description: These coconut chips will involve not only taste receptors, but also give a magical aroma.  And what a visual!  Hmmm!  All this makes coconut chips 50 shades tastier!  So!  Vanilla and coconut pulp are an exquisite anti-stress combination that gives a feeling of emotional harmony.  These chips go well with the following taste partners: jam, marmalade, hot chocolate, cocktails, pastries, tea, coffee, juice, smoothies.

Origin: Ukraine