Crab Sticks

By Pycckoe Mope

Crab Sticks

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1 Piece = 200g

Product Description:

Quick appetizers or as a delicious meal, you can have these crab sticks in whichever way you want. These sticks use surimi in the making process along with other healthy ingredients like sunflower oil, egg white, starches, etc. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals, which make your snacking time a pretty healthy one. The sticks are quite similar to the battered fish, you can have it with some lemon or with your favourite dip.

Ingredients: Surimi (fish meat, acidity regulators: sodium pyrophosphate and sodium triphosphate), starches: potato, corn, wheat; sunflower oil, sugar, salt, egg white, acidity regulators: sodium carbonate, lactic acid; sodium alginate stabilizer; flavourings: seafood and crab; enhancer of taste and aroma monosodium glutamate, dyes (carmine, paprika extract, rosemary extract); water