Crispbreads with Chia and Flax 100g

By Dr.Korner

Crispbreads with Chia and Flax 100g

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Expiry Date : 2022-07-17

Weight: 100g

Product Description: Who says snacks can’t be healthy? The Crispbreads with Chia and Flax is an easy way to enjoy a wholesome snack with nutritious benefits. Containing dietary fibre-rich flax seeds and healthy black chia, this crunchy delight is made from natural ingredients. You can pair the crispbread with curries, seasonings, sauces, and more to make it a full meal or simply enjoy it as a tea-time snack. The snack is made from corn and milled rice that provides it with a satisfying crunch.

Ingredients: Corn, rice: milled rice, black chia seeds, dietary flax seeds, iodized salt. GMO-free.