De Cecco Fettuccine Egg #233

By De Cecco

De Cecco Fettuccine Egg #233

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1 Packet = 500g

The Fettuccine Egg #303 by De Cecco is part of the flat pasta family. Though there is no evidence of the origin of this pasta, it still is eaten all over the world in different forms and by adding different flavours and sauces. It is a very versatile type of pasta that is suitable to be cooked with a lot of sauces. Pastas with meat and tomato ragùs go really well with fettuccine. You can also add this to fish-based sauces, especially shellfish.

Ingredients: 100% Durum Wheat Semolina and Egg.

Product Specifications:

Description: Fettuccine Egg #303 by De Cecco that is most suitable when prepared in sauce based pastas.

Origin: Italy

Flavour: Slightly crunchy and savour flavour.