De Cecco Spaghettini #11

By De Cecco

De Cecco Spaghettini #11

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1 Piece = 500g

The De Cecco Spaghettini #11 pasta is among the most popular ones from Italy that is thin as Spaghetti but much more delicious and smaller. Originating from Naples in southern Italy, the pasta is generally cooked in hot or cold sauces based on tomatoes, aromatic herbs and vegetables. It works very well when cooked in sauces that are cooked in extra virgin olive oil and a dash of garlic, red pepper and anchovies. Thin Spaghetti tastes excellent when served with seafood and shellfish sauces.

Ingredients: 100% Durum Wheat Semolina.

Product Specifications:

Description: One of Italy’s most popular, Spaghettini #11 by De Cecco made with superior precision and dedication to achieve a thin shape like Spaghetti.

Origin: Italy