Delamare Whole UHT Goat Milk

By Delamare Dairy

Delamare Whole UHT Goat Milk

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Pack of 12 = 1 Litre

Product Description: Widely consumed all around the world, goat’s milk contains many benefits that surpass the qualities of the milk derived from a cow. With increasing awareness, more people are switching to goat milk. The calcium, minerals and vitamin levels are pretty much the same as they are in cow’s milk. You can use goat milk for all the things that are made using cow milk; be it tea, coffee, on cereal, and various other recipes including sauces. It is a great alternative for those who are lactose intolerant. It has been sterilized at 135°C to kill the bacterial endospores using the UHT methodology.


100% Goat's Milk