Dragon Superfoods Coconut Milk 17% Fat

From Dragon Superfoods

Dragon Superfoods Coconut Milk 17% Fat

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1 Piece = 150g

Product Description: Being one of the most nourishing and versatile fruits, coconut bestows us with its low-fat milk and is a great alternative to regular milk. Dragon Superfoods, with this 150g pack of Coconut Mylk ensures that you get all those and much more. Mostly used in cooking, coconut Mylk adds a distinct flavour to all dishes while enriching it with minerals that not only keep your skin glowing, but also make it strong with the connective protein fibres. This organic and gluten-free coconut Mylk is perfectly suited for all your smoothies and soups too!


Coconut Milk Powder (75.4%) and Malt Dextrin