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Dukan Coconut Oat Bran Biscuit (Sugar Free) 225g

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Expiration Date: 2023-04-22

Weight: 225g

Product Description: Their individually-wrapped sachets let you take them with you wherever you go, for a moment of pure self-indulgence – when you need it most!
How does Oat Bran Work? Once ingested, oat bran is mixed up with other foods and its soluble fibres absorb water to form a gel that fills the stomach. In the bowel, this gel binds with nutrients and fats, carrying them away as it aids digestion. It is often used in weight-loss and low-cholesterol diets. As you eat it: It’s a real treat! Once it’s been eaten: It absorbs water in the stomach, increasing in volume by up to 20 times and creating a natural feeling of satiety.

Oat bran 65%, acacia fibre, sweetener: maltitol, powdered fat-free skimmed milk 5%, rapeseed oil 3%, copra oil 3%, powdered whole egg, milk proteins: casein, wheat gluten, coconut flavouring 0.8%, baking powder: ammonium and sodium carbonate, salt, sweetener: sucralose.

Allergy warning: Contains gluten, eggs, milk. May contain traces of: soy, nuts and sesame.