Extra Chicken Frankfurter 200g

By Perutnina Ptuj

Extra Chicken Frankfurter 200g

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1 Piece = 200g

Product Description:

Create a delicious and easy family meal by getting this extra chicken frankfurter made of chicken meat, some exotic spices, and extracts of spices. Frankfurter is something that can help you prepare the best sausages and hot dogs. You can even smoke them with natural beechwood to give it a hint of extra flavour. You can easily grill it or oven bake, or they are also great on the barbeque.

Ingredients: mechanically separated chicken meat 66%, chicken skins, water salt, pea fiber, starch, stabilizer: E 450, antioxidant: E 300, garlic, smoke flavoring, spice  extracts (рaprika, pepper), preservatives E 250, E 262