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Farm Organic Gluten Free Fennel Seeds - 200g (0.44 lbs)

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Expiration Date: 2025-12-23

Weight: 200g

Product Discerptions: Fennel seeds are spices harvested from one of several types of herb fennel plants. They have a sweet, powerful flavor that's similar to licorice and fennel seeds and help stimulate melatonin production. Melatonin helps control the body's sleep, he

Fennel seeds have a crunchy texture on the outside with a mildly sweet flavor. It is also widely used as a mouth freshener. It has a sweet aromatic taste that is slightly reminiscent of licorice. India's love affair with fennel affair with fennel needs no introduction. The seed spice dominates a variety of our preparations. Did you know that India happens to be the largest exporter of fennel seeds, widely known as saunf. All parts of the fennel plant can be eaten, but it’s the seeds that generate the most culinary interest, thanks to their warm, anise-like aroma and fresh, slightly sweet flavor.