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Farm Organic Gluten Free Maize Whole 500g

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Expiration Date: 2023-09-30

Weight: 500 grams

Product Description: Maize is a cereal grain first domesticated by indigenous people in Southern Mexico about 10,000 years ago. Maize mays subsp., mays, from Spanish maíz after Taino magic, also known as corn North American and Australian. Now these days maize has become a staple food in many parts of the world, with the total production of maize surpassing that of wheat or rice.

Corn is high in starch, which is a type of complex Carbohydrate that support a steady energy level. It is contents fiber and fiber are beneficial for controlling blood sugar levels because the fiber Slow down the rate at which glucose is released.

Nutritional Facts: Serving Size 14gg Serving Per Amount Calories 67 Total Fat 2g 3% Saturates Fat 0g 0% Cholesterol 0mg 0% Sodium 66mg 33% Total Carbohydrates 15g 5% Dietary Fiber 3g 12% Sugar 12g Protein 3g 6% Vitamin A 28% Vitamin C 26% Calcium 2% Iron 5% Percent daily values are based on a 2,000 calories diet.

Origin: India