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By Farm Organic

Farm Organic Gluten Free Turmeric Latte Mix - 100g

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Expiration Date: 2024-09-29

Weight: 100g

Product Discerptions: Turmeric lattes are steamed milk beverages flavored with organic turmeric 5% Green Cardamom, black pepper, ginger cinnamon, nutmeg, giloy, and Saffron The resultant concoction is a soothing, immuno-boosting, caffeine-free hot drink.
Turmeric spice is one of the richest sources of curcumin available. Turmeric lattes, also known as turmeric milk, golden milk, and Haldi Doodh, have a long history. People in India have been drinking turmeric and milk with spices as an Ayurvedic medical remedy for hundreds of years because of high curcumin. These drinks are typically yellow to bright gold because of turmeric’s bright color. The impressive look and unique taste have made turmeric lattes.

Origin: India