Freche Freunde Organic Bars Pear, Plum & Blackberry 23g (4Pcs)

By Freche Freunde

Freche Freunde Organic Bars Pear, Plum & Blackberry 23g (4Pcs)

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Weight: 23g x 4Pcs

Product Description: Worried about the nutrition of the kids? The Freche Freunde Bars Pear, Plum & Blackberry Bar helps you complete the deficiency of vital nutrients. This delicious bar is loaded with natural ingredients like pear, plum, and blackberry. It is a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, and fibers. Vegan and lactose-free, this healthy bar can be consumed by all. It can be a perfect snack for kids and you can give it in their lunch as well. No artificial sweeteners and additives are added to it.

Ingredients: Spelt Flakes* 22%, Pear Juice Concentrate* 21%, Whole Grain Oat Flour* 17%, Dried Pear Pieces* 12%, Sunflower Oil*, Plum Juice Concentrate* 6%, Oat Flakes* 5%, Dried Banana Pieces*, Wafers* (Potato Starch*, Sunflower Oil*), and Blackberry Juice Concentrate* 2%.