Frozen Mini Zaatar Croissant 35g

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Frozen Mini Zaatar Croissant 35g

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Expiry Date : 2022-12-12

Pack: 35g X 5Pcs

Product Description: Filled with the delicious aroma of fresh butter, this Mini Zaatar Croissant is a popular French snack that can be had with a variety of condiments and beverages. Be it thick whipped cream or a cup of espresso and cappuccino, its earthy, flaky, and buttery characteristics will be pleasing to your palate. Bite into the perfectly baked crunchy crust to enjoy the puffy texture and irresistible taste. To give you an authentic French flavor, high-quality ingredients are used in the right proportions.

Ingredients: Fortified Wheat Flour with Iron and Folic Acid, Water, Sugar, Butter, Croissant Mix, Yeast, Salt, Preservative (e282), and Filling Zaatar.