Frozen Seeds and Cereals Baguette 140g

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Frozen Seeds and Cereals Baguette 140g

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Weight: 140g

Product Description: This half-baguette is made with a unique cereal sourdough on a wheat flour base for a taste of germinated seeds. The unique taste and soft texture of this part-baked half-baguette is the result of its exclusive blend of wheat and spelt flours with the addition of nine seeds, including white and black sesame, sunflower, amaranth, millet, white quinoa, chia, oats, and buckwheat. An essential bakery solution for breakfast, lunch or to accompany dinner, this half-baguette is suitable for vegetarians.

Ingredients: Cereal Sourdough, Wheat Flour and Spelt Flour, 9 Seeds Mix (White Sesame, Sunflower, Amaranth, Millet, White Quinoa, Chia, Buckwheat, Rolled Oats and Black Sesame)