Fruit & Juice Basket - Serves 15 person

By QualityFood

Fruit & Juice Basket - Serves 15 person

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* Per Case

Fresh Juice + Fresh Fruit

A basket that is well structured for your delight
Fruit so ripe, it bursts with juice when you bite into it
Options to balance your requirement, assortments of hand-picked matured fruit, fruit cuts, slices plus our daily freshly squeezed juices. Office friendly fruit are carefully chosen to meet your need such as banana, kiwi, strawberry,apple and many more. Fruits selection depends on seasons and availability.


Basket includes the following selection:

500g - Apple Green Italy
500g - Apple Royal Gala
500g - Grapes Red Seedless
500g - Grape White Seedless
500g - Mandarine
500g - Necctarine White Australia
250g - Plums Red
250g - Plums Yellow
1kg - Banana Chiquita
500g - Pear Rosemary
250g - Kiwi

1 Packet - Blackberry Mexico
1 Packet - Strawberry Greece
2 Qty - 330ml - Lemonade Juice
2 Qty - 330ml - Orange Juice
1Qty - 330ml - Watermelon Juice