Cauli Rice with Broccoli

By CauliRice

Cauli Rice with Broccoli

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Expiry Date : 2022-08-25

1 Packet = 200 grams

Perfect meal for a healthier lifestyle, the Fullgreen Cauli Rice with Broccoli comes with the promise of 80% fewer calories than white rice. Broccoli is the ideal partner for the wholesome cauliflower as it not only adds a subtle flavour but also brings a number of mineral and vitamins to the table. Steamed and sold inside airtight pouches, the cauli rice with broccoli has a long shelf life. It comes ready-to-eat and can be served after 2 minutes of reheating.

Ingredients: Cauliflower (60%), Broccoli (40%).

Product Specifications:

Description: Steamed and ready-to-eat riced cauliflower and broccoli packed in an airtight pouch.

Origin: USA

Flavour: Steamed cauliflower with a subtle flavour of broccoli.