Vegi Rice Sweet Potato

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Vegi Rice Sweet Potato

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1 Packet = 200 grams

Enjoy sweet potatoes at home or on the way to office or literally anywhere. The Fullgreen Vegi Rice Sweet Potato is a healthier alternative to white rice with 60% fewer carbs. Simply washed, chopped, and steamed with their skin on, the sweet potato comes packed with potassium, fibre, and flavour, without any preservatives or salt. It can be served both cold or hot with the seasoning of choice. It can also be used in place of quinoa in grain-free salads.

Ingredients: Sweet Potato (99.95%), Calcium Chloride (Firming Agent).

Product Specifications:

Description: Steamed and ready-to-eat sweet potato packed in an airtight pouch. It does not contain any preservatives or salt.

Origin: USA

Flavour: Steamed sweet potato.