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By Divella

Divella Fusilli Tricolor Pasta 500g

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Expiration Date: 2024-04-04

Weight: 500g

Product Description: The beautiful and delicious Fusilli Tri Color Pasta has three beautifully rolled pasta in it – the tomato flavoured, spinach flavoured, and standard. This gives the pasta with unique flavour and aroma. Their twisted shape helps collect all the flavours of sauces, oils, veggies, and meats to taste alluring with every single bite. You can also fix a quick, cool salad for summers that goes well with almost all dishes. Simply boil the pasta for 10 minutes and mix it with sautéed vegetables and mayonnaise to enjoy a sublime taste.

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, 4% dehydrated tomatoes & 3% dehydrated spinach, water max 12.5%.