Gelle De Piment D' Espelette

By Terre Exotique

Gelle De Piment D' Espelette

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Expiry Date : 2021-12-31

1 Piece: 100/ 90gm

Product Description: The restaurant-like pasta you always wanted to create but couldn’t because they added some secret ingredient – such a discouraging moment. But why live such moments when you can have this lightly spicy Gelle De Piment D’ Espelette that gives a subtle flavour to your dishes. This jelly includes Espelette paprika, sugar, vinegar and agar-agar, all in a correct amount that helps create your signature dish with ease. Try it with sheep cheese or white meat and you won’t regret it.

Ingredients: Water, Espelette Paprika (50%), Sugar (55%), Vinegar, Agar-Agar.