Glass Bottle Natural Still Water 750mlx12

By Acqua Panna

Glass Bottle Natural Still Water 750mlx12

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Case: 750ml (12Pcs)

Product Description: Are you sure that the water delivered to your door is 100% safe and can fulfil your body’s requirements of the day? If not or you’re still in doubt, ditch everything and switch to this healthy and tasty still water that comes to you with the essence of Tuscan lifestyle and elegance. An epitome of light and luminous liquid, this water is an excellent composition of various essential minerals and has a pH of 7.9. Also, known for its freshness and subtle pleasant flavours, this glass water bottle keeps you hydrated and is something you can dine with every day.

Ingredients: Still Water with a Composition of - pH (at source) 7.9, TDS (total dissolved solids) 137, Calcium 32.9, Magnesium 6.5, Sodium 6.4, Potassium 0.9, Bicarbonates 106, Sulphates 21, Chlorides 9, Nitrates 4.3, Silicia 6.8